Bulk Supply Systems

Bulk gas storage, handling and transportation

  • Consultancy for industrial gas systems design, storage, handling, transport and disposal of gases.
  • Cryogenic tank & container refurbishment and maintenance including internal leak detection using helium leak detectors.
  • Cylinder & Valve maintenance.
  • Design, fabrication and supply of cylinder racks of various configurations to suit customer demands in terms of number of cylinders per rack, horizontal or vertical design, maximum available working pressure etc. (e.g. 12, 16, 24, 32, 64 rack cylinders with pressures ranging from 150 bar to 300 bar).

Bulk Supply systems comprises on two different segments; depending on the consumption of gas.

Installation of Liquid Storage Facility:

  • For large volume gases consumers, we suggest building storage facilities at premises of gases users, by installing Cryogenic Liquid Storage and related equipment;  thereby reducing distribution costs. The concept of piping the gases directly from the storage to the point of use proved sound and technically solvable;
  • We may also establish cylinders filling stations by installing the Liquid Storage Tank and related equipment, in order to facilitate customers located in remote locations.

Installation of Cylinders Manifold System

  • Other mean of supply is through cylinders manifold system, which we suggest to consumers using bulk volume of gas and need to maintain frequency of gas supply in consumption.
  • We assess gas consumption; design and install cylinders manifold systems accordingly.